The EZ-est Trotline You'll Ever Use
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Catfish Fishing Trotline with Clips

Get hooked on EZ Clips

Complete trotline includes 20 of the finest trotline fishing clips you will ever use. Attach the drop lines to the EZ Clips and clip them to the swivels on the main line. Easy to clip your drop lines on and off in pitch dark. No need for unhooking the fish just unclip, throw in your livewell, and clip another drop line on. Drop lines will not tangle on main line like the big bulky clips bought in the store. Plastic beads are molded on the line to keep swivels from sliding.

Trotline is 100 feet with 300 lb test main line and contains: 20 ROSCO 1/0 swivels, 20 4/0 Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks, and 20 EZ Clips.


EZ Clip Trotline ®
United States Patent and Trademark Office              
Reg. No. 3339829













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